Protect vs. Affect: How are You Using Your Boundaries?

protectaffectStrong boundaries are an essential part of an Audacious Life.

Without them, it’s easy to say yes when you really mean no. Tasks and commitments begin to build up, and before you know it, you have no time, energy, or freedom to go after your own dreams or make the positive changes that you want for yourself.

There’s another side to having strong internal boundaries: with them, others know how to interact with you.

They know what you will and will not do. They know what you do and do not value. And they know what answers they’ll get if they do ask for your time or talent.

So how are you using your boundaries: to protect yourself or to affect the environment around you?

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How to Have Time for Your Audacious Life

you-have-timeThink of something you want to do.

Is your first thought “I don’t have time”?

Loving butt-kick, hon—that’s BS.

When we say that we don’t have time, what we really mean is “this isn’t my priority right now.”

But what if that thing that we want to do is a priority? What if it’s something that we desperately want to do but can’t figure out how to fit it into our lives around everything else we have going on? What then?

With a few small, simple tweaks, you can make time for that thing you want to do—and for your Audacious Life.

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Essential Tools for Living an Audacious Life

essential-tools-for-audacious-livingWhen it comes to living an Audacious Life, there are certain things that you must have.

These are (mostly) not material items. Rather, these are qualities and intangibles that you must possess if you hope to successfully live your Audacious Life. Without them, your desire to live boldly, courageously, daringly remains a dream.

Do you have what you need to live your Audacious Life?

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Audacious Life Allies and Where to Find Them

(c) Warner Bros. Used under the FAIR Use Act of 2007.
© Warner Bros. Used under the FAIR Use Act of 2007.

Who are your Audacious Life Allies?

Buddies, friends, sisters—whatever you want to call them, these are the people who, as you claim and LIVE your Audacious Life, will support you, cheer you on, and become traveling companions on your journey.

Do you have any?

Of course you do—you just may not recognize them yet. Read on for a short list of Audacious Life Allies and where to find them.

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Watch Out! 4 Enemies That Will Keep You From Your Audacious Life

The Hero's JourneyNot everyone is going to appreciate you stepping up to claim your Audacious Life.

More often than not, when you decide that you’re going to live Audaciously, something will happen or someone will come out of the woodwork to smack you down.

This is the classic Hero’s Journey: once you cross the threshold, you will immediately meet tests and enemies. (Fortunately, you also meet allies. But that’s another article for another day.)

Here are four enemies that you will meet on your Audacious Life Journey.

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