5 Writing Quotes from the 2015 Bay to Ocean Writers Conference

Every February*, I head over to Maryland’s Eastern Shore for the annual Bay to Ocean Writers Conference for my yearly dose of inspiration and information. Here are some of this year’s best quotes from presenting authors.

1. Kathryn Johnson

"Nibble at the novel, don't chomp in one gulp." —Kathryn Johnson

2. Lynn Schwartz


3. Barbara Esstman


4. Barrett Warner


5. Laura Oliver


To learn more about the Bay to Ocean Writers Conference and save the date for next year, visit www.baytoocean.com.

*In a big change, the 2016 conference will be held in March!

Cocoa-ology at the Maryland Science Center

In February, we attended the first of the Maryland Science Center’s 2015 Adult Beverage Series, Cocoa-ology, a lecture on the history of chocolate and the science behind pairing it with wine and liqueurs.

The evening was blisteringly cold, but it didn’t stop our fellow wine-and-chocolate enthusiasts: the main entrance hall was packed with oenophiles.

We secured seats near the wine bar, helped ourselves to the light fare provided, and waited for the lecture to begin.

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Throwback Thursday: a Musical Journey

Throwback Thursday, or #tbt, is generally used for pictures.

But who’s to say that it can’t be used for music?

Today’s Daily Dabble encourages readers to put together their own #tbt music compilations. Here’s mine.

(And yes, I realize I’m dating myself. Oh, well!)

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Tattersall Christmas Note Cards

I love Christmas cards, but ironically, I never send them.

Even when I was footloose and fancy-free (i.e. single and childless), I didn’t get into the habit of sending Christmas cards. Advances in technology certainly played into it; why mail a card if you can pick up a phone or send an email?

Well, because it’s nice to get snail mail every once in a while. (Also, the Harvard Business Review calls handwritten notes “a rare commodity” and “more important than ever.”)

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Navy Nautical Note Cards

I’ve been on a note card kick lately.

It started with looking for a very specific pink for my personal stationery, and I’ve simply continued with other colors and designs. I’ve developed some fascinating skills over the last few weeks, including calculating the exact spacing of horizontal stripes for the ideal nautical look.

(Who knew that my math degree would come in handy at this stage in my life?)

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