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While everyone else is stuck on the main drag, you get to go cruising.

You'll be riding with the top down and the wind in your hair. Crank that music and slap on your sunglasses, because, baby, you're on your way.

But where are you going? How do you get there?

That's where I come in.


Hi, I'm Lynn, and I help you map your magnificent life using positive language and a bevy of planning tools and methods.

Think of me as your high-octane, sparkly-cheerleader, steamrollerderby of a navigator that's going to point you in the right direction.

You just bring your dreams and a positive attitude. I'll bring the know-how and the loving butt-kicks.

(And the snacks. Because snacks are delicious.)

Buckle up, sister, and get ready for the ride of your life.


Don't leave your journey to chance.

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ATRelease & Refine helped me realize that I was focusing my energy on everyone else—and I was exhausted! This program gave me permission to stop and give myself time to recharge.
A.T.New York
brittany FLTC 52I so enjoyed this session—it was VERY inspiring! I loved that we dove right in: I get anxiety when I feel my time is being wasted, and you quickly got to the crux of my issues. You created an efficient window of time and an atmosphere that allowed me to dish, and prompt follow up with detailed notes of what we talked about? Double thumbs up!
Brittany Lynn KrigerFounderThe Soul Food ProjectLouisiana, USA
“At first I was hesitant because I didn’t think this could work for me, but you busted through those walls! “Start Where You Are” gave me a lot to think about, and enough action steps that I can get started NOW. You’re the best!
Courtney PearceFounderYGHP DesignBoone, NC
KathyWhen I joined Release & Refine, my life was complex and juggling. I realized that I do so much for others, and that I also need to do things for myself. As a result, I’m now doing less of what I think I have to do to please others and more of what I want to do for myself.
KathyDenver, CO
Jane S. Green“I am truly grateful. Lynn gave me some wonderful baby steps to kick start the life I envision for myself and how to carve out time just for me. She was very personable during our session, which catered to my needs and validated my own practices. Thanks again, Lynn, for the awesome session!”
Jane S. GreenMotivational Coach for EducatorsSpiritEDLouisiana, USA
Rachael Roehmholdt“Thank you so much for your help! I feel like you understand what I’m going through, and I greatly appreciate that this was an actionable session, not just a chat. I have already done things to move myself forward and that’s worth every penny.
Rachael RoehmholdtFood Empowerment CoachRachael RoehmholdtBremerton, WA