6 Ways to Be a Wealthy Woman Right Now

MoneyValueWealthIf you’re like the average American household, you have $15,611 in consumer debt looming over your head.

(Not to mention the average $155,192 in mortgage debt and $32,264 in student loan debt.)

Those numbers can be daunting. Regardless of the figures in your bank account, you can become a wealthy woman right now.

How to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

thank-you-490607_1920As we roll into the (U.S) Thanksgiving week, we all know what’s coming: eating so much we can’t move, your vocal aunt getting drunk before the potatoes are finished, and football for DAYS.

Between the flurry of family and the food coma, there’s one tradition that many people take part in: expressing gratitude for the abundance on the table and in their lives.

But if you only express your gratitude once a year, the pressure is ON to come up with something good. I mean, this is your ONE chance to get it right, so you better, right?

Not really. Take the pressure off by cultivating an attitude of gratitude year-round. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Ask Lynn: What Do My Dreams Mean?

This week’s Ask Lynn touches on a topic that I’ve been interested in for at least a decade. However, it wasn’t until recently that I discovered a tool to help provide clarity.


Ask Lynn, a virtual advice column

Kathy writes:

Recently, I started falling asleep and then suddenly woke up and smelled nail polish. I did not have any nail polish on and there is no nail polish in my bedroom. I also dreamed about a long row of happy smiling babies and a white playful puppy but none of it is making any logical sense. How do you interpret the images and messages in your dreams to guide you on your right path?


I am so, so thrilled that you directed this question my way! I recently found a method of dream analysis that has yielded some really interesting insights, and I hope it does the same for you.


11 Life Lessons from the City of Light

"11 Lessons Learned in the City of Light," Lynn Daue, LynnDaue.comI recently spent a week in Paris on a journey of self-exploration.

I went to the City of Light with the intention to be. I had no museums on my list of Things to Do, no landmarks, nothing even remotely touristy aside from taking a stroll through Le Jardin du Luxembourg. I went with an open mind and an open schedule, waiting for adventures to find me.

The concept of traveling without an agenda is a foreign one. But, as I soon discovered, it was the perfect plan. If I had been consumed with hiking up to Sacre Coeur or standing in lines at Le Louvre, I wouldn’t have been available to learn these wonderful lessons.


Ask Lynn: How to Break the Cycle of Indecision

Ask Lynn, a virtual advice columnWelcome to our very first Ask Lynn!

This week’s question comes from Desiree. She asks:


I seem to find myself constantly caught in indecision, concerning everything from what new laptop to buy to what career path to follow. It’s as if I don’t trust myself to make the “right” decision. I hate letting fear guide me, but what do I do? How do I regain my confidence after making some very bad decisions?


First things first, you made an excellent decision to ask these questions—brava!

Here’s the good news: very few decisions are bad.


Ask Lynn: Ask Me Anything!

(TL;DR: I’m starting an advice column!)

Ask Lynn, a virtual advice columnWhen I was younger, I read “Dear Abby” every day. Not only was I fascinated with the drama, I was  also intrigued by how someone could make a living by doling out advice to strangers. I wanted to know: how do you become an advice columnist?

The obvious answer for me was “start with the school paper.” Sadly for me—and a wise move by the overseeing faculty—the high school didn’t provide print space for students to tell other students what to do. Over time, I put the idea out of my head.

And then blogging became a thing.