I'm Lynn Daue, Designer of Digital Things.

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Top 5 Requested Services

  1. PDF Documents: $35
  2. Website & Social Media Graphics (FB, Twitter, etc.): $35
  3. Responsive CSS Styling, Individual Page: $50
  4. WordPress Installation & Customization: PRICE ON REQUEST
  5. Graphic Concierge Services: PRICE ON REQUEST

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*Updated 8/26/15

Hold the phone—why should I hire you?

Excellent question.

First, as I mentioned, I am a Designer of Digital Things. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • WordPress websites
  • MailChimp templates & forms
  • PDF documents
  • Social media graphics
  • Video logo reveals
  • Mobile apps (coming soon!)


What's more important, though, is that I get it.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand that you want your website to be easy. You don't want to sift through lines of code and individually style each and every. single. post. you write. You want to log into your (extremely easy-to-use and -understand) backend, type up your thoughts, and hit "Publish" without worrying about what your content looks like.

You want your visual presence to be recognizable. Whether potential clients are on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or perusing one of your (genius) downloads, you want them to look at the styling and think, Yeah, I know—and trust—her.

You want someone who isn't going to blast you with design jargon. You want someone that, when you tell them, "I want it to look like a thing that looks like this other thing and I want it to all look like it works together but doesn't seem matchy-matchy," it totally makes sense.


About Lynn Daue

Hey there, I'm Lynn. And I'm here to help you create a beautiful digital presence.

Please, pull up a chair and let me tell you a little about how I got here:

It was a dark & stormy night. (Maybe. Just go with it.)

I was a junior in college, earning a BS in Mathematics and getting ready to go to Russia for a summer. I wanted a way to keep in touch with my family and friends while I was away without incurring crazy phone bills or spending all of my time in an Internet cafe answering emails. A friend mentioned this thing called "blogging" and suggested I try it. I signed myself up for a Blogger account and away I went.

When I returned from Russia, I became obsessed with making my out-of-the-box blog look good. And the obsession continued, straight through graduation, another residence in Russia, and years of military service. I learned to sling code (HTML and CSS, specifically), create my own graphics, and post-produce photographs.

It never occurred to me that this was something that I could do as a service for others. I wasn't trained for this. I never intended to get into graphic design. But then, one day, I found myself fielding more requests for design than I could ignore, from solopreneurs and artists to foreign government organizations, and figured, Hey, why not go for it?

So here I am, Lynn Daue, Designer of Digital Things. How can I help?


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Client Love

It is such a pleasure to work with Lynn on PDF design. She’s super speedy and she delivered my file way before the deadline. She understood exactly what I wanted, and it took just a couple of small tweaks to make it absolutely perfect. Lynn’s work is gorgeous, and she’s so easy to work with. I highly recommend Lynn for any PDFs that you need designed for your business. She’s awesome!

Holly Worton

Holly Worton

PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Ready2Bloom.com

Lynn is amazing. She took my product and my personal brand and tied them together perfectly without much direction from me. I could never have imagined such meaningful logos that completely captured everything I could have wanted without her expertise. Will never consider another designer.

Trisha Funk-Wurzer

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