Tweet Like Brian Clark, Darren Rowse, & Chris Brogan: The First Tweets of Popular Bloggers & Social Media Influencers

First Tweets Pinnable

Twitter was founded in March 2006, and in the eight years that have passed, it’s taken over the Internet.

The proof? It’s the 11th most popular website in the world (as of March 23, 2014) with over 600 million active registered users.

If you haven’t signed up for the social networking service yet, you might be wondering what it’s about and how to use it.

The truth is that, in the beginning, no one knew. Not even the founders.

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The Most Important Decision You’ll Make About Your Blog

Chris Brogan on Social Media Real Estate (cropped)

So you’ve decided to start a blog.

After all, you’re good enough. You’re smart enough. People like you.

And you have thoughts. You have wisdom. You have information that needs to be shared with the world.

(Or a small niche audience. Whatever.)

Before you get started, STOP. You have an important decision to make before you hit “Publish.”

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Warning: 4 Things You Need to Know About Domain Names

"4 Things You Need to Know About Domain Names," Lynn Daue

It all starts with a domain name.

A domain name is the home for your digital empire.

A domain name is your digital storefront.

A domain name is your public presence in a world that is moving online.

Any way you slice it, a domain name is an important investment in the future of your business, brand, or blog. Here’s are four things you need to know about them.
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