12 Things I Didn’t Know Would Happen in 2014

I find the online world interesting in December.

There are gift guides, year-end roundups and mashups, and post after post after POST about getting ready for the new year.

But there’s something cathartic about reflecting on what’s already come to pass.

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I Didn’t Drop Off the Face of the Earth, I Just Went to the Other Side of it for a Little While

In the last eight days, I’ve been in five different locations, one of them abroad.

I was home for a little while visiting my parents, and on my second to last day in town, I sent my fiancé an email with a sample itinerary for a quick trip, as a joke. (Kind of.)

In all of my travels, I’ve accumulated enough Delta miles to make international, multi-city trips, and I thought it was amusing that at the last minute, I could actually get a seat on an aircraft going to Europe.

So I sent my fiancé my sample itinerary. I actually needed about 2000 more miles to make the trip, and I included in the email, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if you sent me miles so I could make the trip?”

Little did I know that he would actually send me the miles and book my itinerary for me. He called me up and said, “Window or aisle?”

Me: “What?”

Him: “Window or aisle. I have the Delta folks on the line and I need to know what seats you want and if you actually want to go. I sent you the miles you needed.”

Me: “Holy moly, window!”

And so the whirlwind trip began. We booked these tickets on a Wednesday, and two days later, I was on a plane. I got in, spent four full days on the ground before turning around and going back to the airport to fly back to the States to be in my friend’s wedding.

It was awesome.

Don’t Make Me Justify Myself

Le sigh, sometimes I hate planning this wedding.

It’s not the wedding planning part—I love that—but it’s the having to justify every single decision I make.

Why do I want embellishment on my veil? I just do. It’ll look pretty.

Why do I want to make it myself? Because I don’t feel like spending $200 on a veil I’ll wear once and that I can make for $15.

Why don’t I want a limo? Because we don’t. We just don’t. And I don’t care if So-and-So had one, we don’t want it.

Also, music? Is the biggest issue ever.

I love Neil Diamond, my mother hates him. I do not want the Electric Slide, our DJ swears we won’t even notice if he starts to play it (which, he will not). Both my fiancé and I are in love with Glenn Miller, both parents wrinkled their noses and called us old.

(Note: modified March 27, 2015.)

Recent Wedding Decisions

Since I am currently on hiatus from work, I’ve been throwing myself into wedding planning, and we’ve made a lot of decisions. Here’s the short list:

Reception: we’ve had our place booked, but we actually signed the contract and paid a deposit. It’s on a golf course, and it’s fabulous.

Cake: we’re doing a four-tier, offset cake in ice blue with white Russian swirls. The cake is mostly chocolate with a chocolate ganache (think the inside of truffles) for the filling, but one tier is white cake with white buttercream filling, as is provided for folks who just don’t like chocolate.

Transportation: this is still a decision to be made, but I’m in LOVE with the idea of renting an RV and just taking the whole bridal party from the church to the reception site.

Bridesmaids dresses: I’m down to three dresses, all in a light blue with some sort of pretty embellishment. The kicker here is that I found THE color in THE fabric I wanted, but the actual fabric, not a dress. I’m considering just finding a hot pattern, providing everything for the dress, and telling those girls to go find a dressmaker. It will actually cut down on the cost of the dress for everyone, or at least be comparable . . . I’m serious.

Flowers: we’re doing iced branches in tall vases and accenting with votive candles and blue and clear seaglass. I really should take a picture soon . . .

(Note: modified on March 27, 2015.)

This is So Not Fair

I absolutely love my job. I really do. I just switched into a field that I absolutely adore, and I’m quite good at it.

Contrary to my previous job, where I would work 12-14 hour days and cry at the end of the day, this is a job at which I would willingly stay for 12-14 hours a day.

My lovely employers are managed by a remote office, and they said that there isn’t enough money to keep me on the staff right now. The job will be there in a month, should I chose to return, but until mid-July, I am officially unemployed. Again.

I cried. Big, fat tears. In the comfort of my car, mind you, but I still cried my eyes out.

On the upside, I get to go home and plan our wedding.

(Note: modified March 27, 2015.)

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